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Donations are greatly needed to continue Acacia in Kenya’s mission.
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Capital Campaign to Fund a Vocational-Technical School

In the months ahead, Acacia in Kenya will propose, develop, and launch a capital campaign for the purpose of buying land for vocational-technical school and developing a plan for the school’s initial infrastructure. Although not yet finalized, the proposal will include these goals:

  • that the results of the vocational-technical training- agriculture, tailoring, and more-will provide income so that the school is self-sustaining

and has the financial resources to decide how to best leverage the school’s activities for community development.

  • that the Kenyan NGO or local community partner who runs the vocational-technical school will evaluate the appropriateness and feasibility of continuing the sponsorship/scholarship program.
  • a commitment to seeking grant money to share with a Kenyan partner or NGO for qualifying future projects our local partners may propose.

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