Donations are greatly needed to continue Acacia in Kenya’s mission. Each and every donation helps to provide basic needs for the students of St. Elizabeth Lureko Girls High School. For example:

    • $10 buys a pair of shoes
    • $25 buys 3 months’ food for one student
    • $50 buys large sack of maize
    • $90 buys large sack of beans
    • $500 sponsors a student for one year of high school
    • $1500 sponsors a student for one year of postsecondary education

You can donate through Paypal, with a credit card, or by check. (And your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.)

Donate via PayPal or Credit Card

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Donate by Check

Make your check payable to Acacia in Kenya and mail to:

    Acacia in Kenya
    ℅ Joyce Mohr
    173 College Ave
    Somerville MA 02144

Feel free to print the following form to accompany your check:

I would like to support Acacia in Kenya’s efforts to improve the lives of young women in Kenya. Enclosed please find my check in the amount of $__________________.

Name: ________________________________________________

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Country: _____________________________________________

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E-mail Address: ______________________________________

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(Don’t forget to make your check payable to Acacia in Kenya!)

Your contribution makes a difference!

Girls’ education transforms their lives and profoundly affects all of society:

    • Girls with higher levels of education are less likely to get married at an early age
    • Girls with higher levels of education are less likely to have children at an early age
    • Educated women are less likely to die in childbirth
    • Educating girls is a key factor in lowering birth rates
    • Mothers’ education improves child nutrition
    • Educating girls decreases the number of child deaths

Source: UNESCO Education for All Global Monitoring Report, 2013

If you have any questions, email us at:

Thank You For Your Support!

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